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What is 'workplace wellness' all about?

Workplace wellness is a general term we use to cover physical, emotional and mental health within the modern work space, and the associated commercial furniture solutions we can find to help them:


a) boost mental productivity, memory and mindfulness

b) physical health, fitness and posture

c) encouragement of regular movement to stay active 

As a business, we have recently increased our focus on bringing wellness to the workplace, constantly researching alternatives that offer features and benefits for clients that put their employees health, productivity and wellbeing first. 

What makes Balance Commercial so passionate about it? 

AIHW research shows that 1 in 5 Australians suffer from a physical disability with 1 in 3 of those suffering from severe or 'profound limiting conditions'. The latest ABS results concluded that 16% of the nations population suffer from back problems, with an estimated 70%-90% of us expected to suffer from lower back pain at some point in our lives; and this data is before the rise of technology and the associated 'slump' in our posture. Some of these physical limitations result due to the nature of our work and posture, some result from avoidable workplace injuries, and some relate to the results of an inactive lifestyle. 

"Safe Work Australia has estimated the cost of work-related injuries as $57.5 billion dollars in 2005-06, or 5.9% of Australia's gross domestic product"

Due to the nature of digital age working conditions, these physical conditions can also result or relate to the rise of obesity, noting that 6 million Australian adults were overweight  in 2014/15 - that's more than a third of our population!

If that's not enough to make you jump on the 'workplace wellness' bandwagon, you will be interested to learn that Beyond Blue reports that 45% of the population will experience mental illness at sometime in their lives, and with the external pressures people are now facing in their roles and associated fast-paced lifestyles; your star player could be next. Whether it's anxiety, work related stress, depression, loneliness or the inability to cope; mental illness is getting some serious attention right now, and preventative measures need to be put in place by anyone that can help. After all, our employees are our biggest assets!

What kind of products fit the category? 

The majority of products are ergonomic chairs, sit-to-stand desks, portable desktop-risers, monitor arms, the energy pod, the portable posture trainer, foot stools, LED lighting and acoustic sound panels. While we have a small range featured on our website, we also have a lot more in stock - just ask! 

Do you have more information about these products and how they aid our wellbeing in the workplace? 

We sure do! Once a month, we write a blog post about a specific product that offers wellness benefits in the office. 

You can read more information on some of our most POPULAR blog posts related to workplace wellness via the links below: 

The best way to view our range, is to book an appointment with our very capable sales team by phoning us on (03) 9761 4555 or emailing us at 

Can you keep me up to date with 'workplace wellness' technology, tips and advancements? 

If you haven't used the 'sign up' page already then that's your ticket to hearing the latest news. Alternatively, you can email ask her to sign you up - she loves hearing about all of your questions and concerns in the industry and researching alternatives to help us help you. 


Aside from ergonomic products, how do you help us with 'workplace wellness'?

We believe that part of the problem isn't just having the wrong tools in the office, but not having the correct understanding of how they work, how bad posture can affect you, and having products that make promises they don't deliver on. 

At Balance Commercial, we pride ourselves on after care service, and also have an in-house osteopath that can help educate on best practices, before helping set up your desks and chairs to fit you individually. 

How do I learn more? 

The best way to learn more about our range of workplace wellness related products is to ask! You can call us on our Melbourne number at (03) 9761 4555 or email us at or

Wishes in wellness, 

The Balance Team


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