Why We Created 'Balance' Interiors

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Balance Interiors came about back in 2004, as an Australian owned and operated business that saw a gap in the market; to truly listen to what customers want, offer inspiring service with a smile and supply superior products with installation and after care to match. We seek to give you 'balance' in your working life, so you can make the most of your home life.

As the years have progressed, we've watched trends come and go, and our tight- knit team have tried our best to ensure that both old and new customers are still treated like family and friends.

We listen to what our customers want when they are creating their new office space; whether it be a corporate, government or educational office; an aged care facility; or we're working with architects and builders to come together, and get the job done on time in full.

We offer our clients a variety of Australian products to support local designers and ensure short lead times.

We offer our customers competitive quotes with fast turn-around times so they can actively plan their production in a care-free manner.

We offer a HUGE variety of colours, fabrications, soft furnishings, tailor-made styles and sizes to work in with the furniture our customers already have, or create a lasting, thriving environment for their brand new office.

We offer re-upholstery and repairs on existing furniture - whether we've installed it in the first place, or you just need a job done with care and quality.

We offer a vast range of ergonomically designed furniture to support your spine and neck, to reduce eye strain, lessen reverberation so your team can focus without noisy disruptions, take a power nap to recharge and get more productive in their work-space - wherever that may be!

We offer our consumers solutions to productivity problems like eye strain causing headaches; back and neck pain that often requires intensive health care and time off work; postural problems that can weaken back muscles and decrease air flow to the brain causing mental fog; distractions caused by noise bouncing around the office; energy deficiency caused by stress and lack of sleep through the installation and use of our sleep pod; and most recently; stress and anxiety management through introducing biophilic design elements such as plants, trees, stone and wood elements into your work space to make you feel more connected with nature, and less connected to the overload of technology around us.

We offer our clients ongoing education on their purchased products, trends in ergonomics and workplace wellness, and after-care that shows we care more about your teams ongoing well-being, than the amount of future jobs we book.

Lastly, we offer our clients competitive pricing by offering you not only a selection of options made on our home turf, but by sourcing cheaper options from abroad to suit all budgets, lead times and expectations.

We offer all of this because we listen to you, our customer, and want to ensure that we continue offering our small business service, so you can go ahead and continue creating your big business plans.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

NB - If you've noted the changes around our business name of late, it's no mistake! We've found that some people are confused about what it is we actually do, so we want to make it crystal clear. Going forward, you'll now be hearing more from us as "Balance Commercial" - for all of your office & furniture requirements!

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