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Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Australian owned and operated, Balance Interiors was formed in 2004 with a goal to create one of the most engaged, and aspirational workplaces in the country. With an average of 45 hours per week spent at work, we understand the importance of being able to create a balanced, positive work space that promotes productivity, effectiveness, collaboration and agility for the modern office environment. As our time in the industry has progressed, Balance Interiors has grown big enough to service the largest jobs through government, corporate, hospitality and educational fields; yet remained small enough to be agile and continually provide industry leading service with meticulous follow through.

With our HQ based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, we are able to cut costs on expensive showrooms, huge business overheads and expensive advertising materials, allowing us to inject our budget straight into where it counts - offering our clients competitive pricing, high quality finishes, and outstanding customer service that will leave you feeling sure you have made the right decision from initial quote to installation and aftercare.

As a business, we offer a range of products to provide any solution you need, ranging from a full office fit-out, reupholstery for that “quick refresh”, and everything in between. At a glance, the most popular products we offer are workstations, an extensive range of ergonomically designed desks and seating, reception areas, commercial and educational furniture, breakout spaces, white boards, acoustic sound panelling, lighting, and our favourite new addition, the energy pod.

With this innovation in your office, your staff have the opportunity for a quick refresh between meetings to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, whilst balancing their wellbeing. Thus, providing you a competitive advantage in staff satisfaction and retention.

Not only will we work together on creating a contemporary space to suit your needs, but we will bring your vision to life by offering fully customisable sizes, fabrics, colours and styles that promote productivity, health and wellbeing in the environment you already have.

With an emphasis on local community, our company endeavours to source locally manufactured products where possible to ensure short lead times. This allows us to ensure industry AFDRI standards and maintain affordability for our growing list of clients, while supporting growth of the Australian industry.

If you have any questions about assisting with your latest project, we can promptly send out one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to provide a free consultation and quote, inclusive of reupholstery and repair.

To get in touch, give us a call on (03) 9761 4555 or email us at sales@balanceinteriors.com.au.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

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