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The lead up to Christmas can sometimes be stressful as you start counting down the days until the business breaks, and you don't seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. On top of that, there are the plans to make for Christmas day, travel arrangements, goal planning for the new year, and social engagements that crop up every other night of the week.

It's an easy time of the year to start feeling under the pump, like you're treading water, and for every one step forward - you're taking two steps back.

While sometimes it's hard to keep your head up when things are happening in or out of the office, there are a few things you can do in the workday to keep your energy upbeat, focused and thriving:

Start Your Day RIGHT

We all have those morning we feel we are running behind, and every little thing that could go wrong, will go wrong agree? Verywell Mind suggests you take 5 minutes to choose your attitude, and how you will deal with the unforeseen circumstances> Doing this means you are more able to keep your head clear, your energy high, and your emotions up beat in order to combat anything negative that comes your way.

Little tip: Don't sweat the small stuff, and always chose positivity.

Eat Well

We've said it before, and while we're not certified in nutrition, we can agree that: sugar will only give you a temporary burst of energy; coffee will increase anxiety; overloading on carbs will give you a foggy mind and decrease your energy; and loading up on greens, oily fish, and lean proteins will increase mental clarity and focus.

Little tip: Prep your meals for the week on Sunday, and don't give in to the 3pm sugar hit!

Stay Organised

One of the biggest stressors in the office, is arriving to a mountain of unanswered emails, amidst Monday morning meetings, and a task list that only seems to grow throughout the day, and week ahead. You feel like you're constantly chasing your tail, and in a bid to get it all done; you achieve nothing.

Little tip: Set three goals per day as non-negotiables, and get them done before you tackle anything else. Achievement gives us energy, and boosts confidence!

Avoid Office Conflict

We've all had to work with people we don't understand, appreciate or like, but sometimes life hands offers us people in life that we need to learn lessons from in order to grow. If you're finding yourself in a situation where people in the workplace are running you down emotionally and physically, then it's best to try and avoid conflict by limiting conversation, not discussing topics that prompt strong personal opinions like politics or religion, and letting yourself disengage when people say things that rub you the wrong way.

Little tip: Take three deep breaths before replying to someone that has upset you.

Physical Fitness

Fitness is something highly underrated, and as many of our blog topics have covered in the past, it's also highly beneficial to your productivity. Cardiovascular fitness like swimming, running or even walking can increase endorphins making you happier, and feeling more energised; while weight training can increase muscle mass, strengthen bones and joints, and relive common workplace injuries like back and neck strain from sitting at a computer.

Little tip: regular exercise and an active lifestyle can offset sedentary hours spent at the office in front of a computer.


According to 'Men's Health' magazine, we only average 77 minutes per day of daylight, despite numerous studies linking sunlight to an increase in mood-boosting serotonin. Another top office design tip is to create 'greener' spaces for employees which have proven to be tangible stress-relievers, also adding a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Little tip: Combine nature and physical fitness by walking to work, taking a group fitness class outdoors, or heading out for a power walk at lunch with a colleague.

Standing vs. Sitting

Research shows that you can burn 52,000 calories more per year by standing vs. sitting at work; while a number of small studies have proven that it can also reduce heart disease, lower blood sugar levels and reduce back pain. What all this means as an employer, is that by introducing sit-to-stand desks in the office, your employees are going to feel better, and therefore, work better.

Check out one of our favourite standing desks ---> Sky

Little tip: Don't try standing all day when you start using your new sit-to-stand desk; aim for 12 minutes, and build your way up gradually.

Be Clear on Your Workload Requirements

Job descriptions often seem to ebb and flow as the needs of the business change, and while last week your role might have heavily been around data entry, this week you're headed out to sell. If you're feeling overwhelmed with your growing list of job requirements, take a moment to speak with your supervisor, decide on some new KPI's, and clarify their expectations of your job before you find yourself disengaged and looking for a new role.

Little tip: Clarify your role by writing it down in ONE sentence and reflecting on it often.

Get Comfortable

Ergonomic office furniture is no longer the shiny new toy of work-culture, it's a must-have for any business that wants their employees to thrive in their 9-5. While we certainly have a large range of office chairs we can recommend, we also have some pro-tips to actually choosing one that's right for you; 'picking your perfect perch'.

Feeling supported throughout the day by the right chair can help reduce back and neck pain, which can cause you to become less energised, more irritable, and reactive to annoyances that occur in the office too.

Little tip: Take regular breaks to stretch your legs, clear your head, and drink water

Forget Multi-Tasking

You've all read or written 'great multi-tasker' on a resume, and then later found a number of mistakes due to a lack of 'attention to detail' right? In our hectic modern lifestyles, we're more connected to electronic devices than ever: we can fact check, text Nana, and scroll through social media all at the same time as making phone calls and calculations on the fly - can't we? Studies have shown that the more we try and do, the more counterproductive we become due to a decrease in accuracy.

Little tip: Chunk your time into like-minded-activities, cross it off and THEN move onto the next.

If you struggle to find calm within the workplace, and understand your employees feel the same, check out our Energy Pod and offer your staff 15 minute reward rounds for every achievement they make. It makes you look like a great boss, gives your employees something extra to work for, and rewards them with what we all need - deep relaxation and recovery. to reduce stress, and calm the mind.

Wishing you Wellness until next month,

The Balance Team

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