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Posture is something most of us don't think about until someone else mentions it; or you catch a glimpse of yourself slouching in a mirror, looking like you've stacked on five kilo's within an inch of a second. Incorrect posture in the long term though, can not only cause lower back and neck pain, but headaches, poor circulation, lessened productivity, rounded shoulders, negative moods, a slump in energy and even effect your confidence and therefore, performance.

According to News Daily, 3.7 MILLION Australians have back problems, with 1/3 of us spending the day in front of a screen. As this is the number one reason in our country for missed work, it attributes to costing billions of dollars in lost productivity per year.

In short - posture related pain is a BIG problem.

At Balance Interiors, posture has become one of our key focuses over time, to the point that we base a lot of our products around ensuring that you are correctly seated, standing or even CYCLING at your desk. As a wellness based business, we also practice what we preach, and after two weeks of trialing our new product, the 'Upright Trainer' in house, we've decided it's the perfect accompaniment to any work place, to ensure your posture can remain perfect in any scenario.

So, "how does it work?" I hear your ask.

The Upright Trainer is a small, easy to conceal gadget that is placed via adhesive between your shoulder blades, connecting via a blue-tooth based app to your mobile device. Once you've sped through the initial set up, you can set it to 'training mode' for your tailor made program which encourages an upright seating/standing/active posture, or 'tracking mode' to watch your progress over the days and weeks to follow.

In training mode, you will be visually shown when you're slouching on the app, and if it's for more than a few seconds, you will receive a short shock-vibration reminding you to elongate your spine, and bring your shoulders down from your ears, while pinning your scapula back. The training mode is designed to retrain the muscles in your upper back, to take the strain off your lower back, keeping your spine aligned. This in itself can help relieve back and neck pain, but you might also notice that your daily headaches disappear, like, perhaps it's all inter-related. Who would have thought?

While in training mode, you will notice that your daily goal increases over time, and it is recommended to wear for three days per week to start seeing positive results - before and after photo's are a must!

Tracking mode on the other hand, is where you get to see the highs and lows of collected data from your efforts; which I'm sure a lot of you will be super stoked to analyse. The data received shows you what time you were upright or slouched, how long you trained and tracked via percentages and colour charts. This mode makes you more aware of the time of day you are slacking, and offers alignment with the daily positions that often cause it.

New to Australia, it is pegged to follow in the footsteps of a '"fit-bit" style wearable gadget, allowing you to reap the rewards of technology for your physical health. We're so excited to have it on hand, that we just couldn't resist sharing it's spot on channel 7 news below so you can see it in action!

With it being so new, it also means that we are one of a handful of Australian stockists who believe in it's rewards, and as a little 'thank-you' to our loyal customers, we would like to offer one FREE* Upright Trainer when you place your next multiple workstation order! We want to encourage good posture to all of our clients, and we have so much faith in this little companion, we are confident you will be calling us a week later to order an office full of them.

If you have and questions or comments on how this gadget can make a difference for you, call us on (03) 9761 4555 or email us through at and ask us how. If you're keen to read some personal results from one of our team members, keep reading below.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

"After day one of trying it for myself, I noticed my chest felt less constricted and more open, my lower back pain wasn't as bad, I didn't have my afternoon 'brain fog' associated with poor posture, my shoulder's where looking more squared, and I felt genuinely more energized!

Plus, a bonus of great posture, is that it will legitimately make you look leaner by ensuring you contract your glutes and stomach muscles, keeping your spine in one straight line. Just do a quick Google image search and you will see what I mean!

The morning after day one of training I have to admit was an unexpected struggle. I woke up with muscular pain surprisingly in my lower back, from contracting the muscles in my upper area and couldn't believe how this little gadget had made such a momentous impact! I must have pretty weak muscles from all that slouching forward, and it made me reconsider my desk set up at work too - I've got a monitor arm on order, and will definitely need to readjust my ergonomically designed chair... Ooops.

I gave myself a day off, then attached it again the day after for a few hours and already felt stronger, straighter and more energised.

There's still a journey ahead, but seeing myself in the mirror with squarer shoulders and more correct posture, I'm feeling confident to push through and now I don't feel any pain after using it too."

*available for a limited time

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