Is your office Agile?

Experience Driven Workplace,

Active Environment,

Movement Centered,

Fluid Office,

Flexible space.


Activity-Based Workplaces (ABW),

Dynamic Spaces,


Zonal office.

Blended Space.

Whatever you want to call it, now is the time to start making changes in your office environment to meet the ever-growing demand of a flexible work space.

68% of Australian businesses have embraced activity-based working, within their workplaces, offering variety to employees including lounge areas and café style seating for informal collaboration, and quiet spaces for focused work. While this forward thinking makes us a global leader catering for the 'screenage' generation, it's also reported that 14.6 MILLION Americans utilize co-working spaces, and popularity is matched across Europe. Furthermore, increasing the activity level of people improves their health and well-being while making them happier, healthier, more engaged and more productive.

"Increasing the activity level of people improves their health and well-being while making them happier, healthier, more engaged and more productive" - HOK annual report

One of the most impressive collaborative spaces, is the new Google HQ in Sydney, demonstrating a variety of different areas for employees to get the creative juices flowing, social activity and greater productivity through semi-forced mobility:

Studies show, the ability to chose your working environment and associated social connections for the day, can enhance performance and the human experience. As a nation, we might be on the right track to creating more engaged workspaces due to these shifts, which can also combat the 'deadly' loneliness epidemic as reported last week on 60 minutes.

To understand the benefits of creating a more fluid office space, we've found some statistics you will just adore showing the boss:

1) 68% of Australian businesses have embraced agile working spaces

2) 71% of employees working with agile seating arrangements, says it's deepened their connection with their employer.

3) AON's 2018 survey depicts 'Agility' as one of the top 3 motivators for a more engaged workforce, said to have risen again since 2017 reports.

4) Greater social connections found through shared spaces have been proven to boost productivity by 7 times.

5) In the near future, amenities will focus more on well-being, relaxation and recreation, with companies providing meditation spaces (growth of 26%), game rooms (growth of 19%), and outdoor work and recreation spaces (growth of 18%).

So take a quick look around your office now; has your office embraced the move to a more agile, zone-based working space? If not, you may be missing out on the associated productivity and wellness benefits for your most valued resources - your staff.

Want to learn more about creating an agile work-space for your employees benefit? Check out some of our options below, and don't hesitate to contact us on (03) 9761 4555 for a FREE on-site consultation and quote.

Hope you have a great week, and we've given you reason enough to re-think the outdated open-plan of the past, and reimagine the activity-based workspace of the future.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

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