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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

If you pop your head up, look around the office and take a close look at your employees, can you work out who the introverts and extroverts are? While this not might be seen as an important personality trait when hiring new staff, it WILL make a difference on how they behave at work, how they interact with colleagues and the productivity that follows.

First let's glaze over the simple definitions:

Introverts Introverts come across as quiet, shy, keeping to themselves and enjoy working on their own - often with headphones in to block out external noise and remain focused. While great listeners, they gain their energy through recharging in solitude, yet still love to be social at times too.

Typecast roles: data entry, clerical work, doctors, nurses, bankers, specialists, IT, digital marketing and anything that allows them regular breaks from social situations

The best way for INTROVERTS to remain energised at work? Silence, solitude and selected social interactions helps them spark their creativity, get focused, and produce their best work.

Extroverts Extroverts on the other hand, get their buzz from being around an abundance of people, and are seen as loud, vivacious, great at public speaking - but not so much at listening as they eagerly await their turn to speak again.

Typecast roles: sales, management, group fitness instructors, lawyers, teachers and anything that allows them to speak up, and be around other people.

The best way for EXTROVERTS to remain energised at work? Social connectedness, brainstorming sessions and generally talking to others will get their juices flowing, and get them pumped to achieve.

So, how do you create an office environment where your introverts and extroverts can both THRIVE?


Workstations are desktop computer terminals, typically networked and more powerful than a personal computer which form the base of most modern working environment. To please both groups, arrangements should be both big and small; private and social so your staff can chose for their mood.


Will often select seating by windows, nature, or anything near the corner so they can knuckle down with less distractions.


Want to be around people, and thrive on other people's energy to get their work done. Give them a spot surrounded by others, and they will be humming through their most productive days!


Sit-to-stand desks provide an energetic lift for both groups by creating better blood flow through periods of standing. In turn, this can create a faster metabolic rate through energy levels being elevated, mental fog lifted, memory retention increased, and you guessed it, their work gets done more efficiently. While sitting, make sure that you chose ergonomic task chairs to offer back support, reduce neck strain, and cause the least amount of fidgeting to remain comfortable. Additionally, invest in quality acoustic sound panels to reduce reverberation that interrupts both parties as they try and remain task-focused.

Want to give your introverts a fire-starting-energy-boosting-reviver in a flash? Check out our #energypod to help your staff rejuvenate in just 20 minutes!

Check out the below gallery for some #workstations inspiration, and see if you can figure out which ones are best for your introverts and extroverts:


A break out area describes any space open to employees and visitors that is separate from their usual working area. It can be a place for employees to hold informal meetings, work, relax or just eat their lunch.


Love this space because they can chose a time to visit an open space, with less people around to regain their stealth, and take a break from the screen.


Can enjoy catching up with work colleagues for social connectedness, host brainstorming sessions between introverted productivity bouts, and will feed off the collective energy of others hustling around them in close quarters.


Canteen chairs or multipurpose chairs around a central table provides somewhere meetings can be held, while the inclusion of stadium seating can work for those with a more employees hosting larger group sessions. If it's a dedicated lunch or 'chill' space; soft furnishings, such as tub chairs, wrap around loungers, bean bags,

collaborative furniture, or sofas can make employees feel relaxed and comfortable when having a break.

Check out the below gallery for some #breakoutspace inspiration, and see if you can figure out which ones are best for your introverts and extroverts:


Are small spaces that allow 1-5 employees to have some solitude to escape the external noise of the office, host private discussions or make a whole lot of noise without affecting others. They can be open for those who hate confined spaces, or fully enclosed with heating and cooling options.


Enjoy the option of having a dedicated quiet space they know they can go if their colleagues annoying habits are grinding their gears. You want to give your introverts a place to focus? This is it!


Can be as loud as they like hosting ideas sessions, meetings, or having an intense conversation about an idea they need help bringing to life.


Privacy booths come in many shapes and forms, and are constantly being refreshed with additional features such as air conditioning/heating, electrical outlets, self-sufficient lighting options, frosted glass, and varios personalisation options.

Check out the below gallery for some #privacybooth inspiration and see if you can figure out which ones are best for your introverts and extroverts:

Want more inspiration? Phone our friendly sales team on (03) 9761 4555 or email us at and find out how we can serve you solutions to best suit your introverts and extroverts.

Have a great week!

The Balance Team

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P.S. we all also came across this great little guide for leading extroverts and introverts; hope it helps the true definition seep in, and guide your team to greatness!

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