Ergonomically Correct?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

On average, Victorians spend 40.9 hours per week at work according to KPMG, and as reported by Safe Work Australia 50% of us spend a chunk of these hours seated which can lead to a range of health problems. While for most of us, this element is unavoidable due to desk bound work, there are ways to make the most of your workplace, to ensure it works in the favour of wellness. While we offer solutions to any of your office interior conundrums, we also try our best not only to supply ergonomically designed options, but educate you on how to use these tools correctly.

At Balance Interiors, we understand the problems that incorrect posture can cause; lagging energy, lower productivity, headaches, fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even premature death. So we aim to find solutions that not only look great, but prove to be functionally correct and actually LIFT your game in the workplace!

Our catalogue offers a number of ergonomically designed chairs which support the spine, encourage correct neck position, and supporting your elbows at the recommended 90 degree angle from the body while seated. If you don’t enjoy being sedentary all day, we also have sit-to-stand desks that can help you get in more upright hours as highly recommended by our friends at Bodycare Workplace Solutions who specialise in work related physio.

" A current trend being seen across Australian workplaces are sit-stand work stations. These are exceptionally effective in providing workers with the ability to break up periods of sitting based work activity" - Bodycare workplace soloutions

In addition, we now offer the ‘Upright Trainer’ which is a wearable, personalised companion that will help correct posture in as little as three weeks. If that’s not enough, our multi-screen monitor arms can be easily adjusted to sit at eye level reducing neck and eye strain and holding loads up to 18kg.

Armed with these tools in your work space, Safe Work Australia notes that chances for success in the workplace improve by elevating moods, energy levels and generally becoming more constructive. They also recommend to sit for no longer than 30 minutes at one time without taking a short break; like refiling your water bottle, going to the bathroom or walking an email or phone call.

With the latest technology now available for your office solutions, don't you want to make sure you're using them correctly and reaping the rewards?

This week, we’re including a nifty little infographic to set you up correctly at your work space, and because it’s visual, it’s more likely to stay ingrained in your mind for longer:

If you are keen to see more of what we offer, download the latest brochure here, or reach out to us on (03) 9761 4555. After all, we're a friendly bunch, and love nothing more than a good chin-wag about getting you on track with ergonomically designed options to make your workplace more well.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

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