Designing A Productive Office Space

I'm sure if your business is planning a refit, you've got a qualified architect in place, and a team of builders at the ready. However, some of the top tips you consider incorporating into your new workplace are often overlooked for functionality and aesthetics vs. employee productivity.

Want to know how you can benefit your bottom line by being smart about your new design?

1. Range Of Spaces

Companies like Google and Apple are realising that their employees don't want to be stuck at the same desk for 8-10 hour days, 5 days a week. Rather than creating a system of workstations side-by-side, these companies are incorporating break-out spaces and internal cafe's for employees to have down time, outdoor spaces to get closer to nature and calm the mind, collaborative spaces to spark creativity and a social aspect, and privacy spaces such as 'phone booths' were they can knuckle down without distraction.

2. Biophilia

One of the biggest global trends in commercial office design right now, is the introduction of natural elements inside the office. Plants (real or even fake), stone vases or art, wooden floors, desks and carvings, natural light and LED lights with timers, and even water features. WHY? Society is spending more time indoors than ever, and that connection with nature is being lost, causing us to become more stressed. It's proven that being in a green or blue space by reducing stress, and creating a more positive mind set. Plants are also noted to reduce stress, help clean the air and you guessed it, enhance productivity.

3. Colour Therapy

The psychology of how colours can effect our mood and mental state is not something new, but often something we neglect when it comes to designing a space. Did you know though, that certain colours can enhance your employees physical and mental wellbeing?

  • Blue - is an intellectual color. It represents trust, logic, communication, and efficiency. Use blue as the primary color in office areas that require focus and mental strain (e.g. accountancy firms, boardrooms)

  • Orange - a great colour to balance blue, orange introduces emotion, warmth and fun to an environment. Great in collaborative spaces.

  • Red - is a physical color. It represents courage, strength, and excitement. It’s a great color to use in areas of the workplace that demand physical exertion like warehouses, retailers or gyms.

  • Yellow - is the emotional color. It represents creativity, friendliness, optimism, and confidence. Incorporate yellow when you want to stimulate positivity, creativity and happiness.

  • Green - provides balance, harmony, nature, and restoration. Green proves to be a great color in offices that require people to work long hours, since it’s easy on the eyes. Also a great color to use anytime a sense of balance is top priority, which is why it’s commonly found in medical offices.

While these are just the tip of the iceberg, you can read this article for more insight; otherwise stick to neutral colours like blue and white are believed to illicit productivity.

4. Light

Natural light is something you want to consider when buying or leasing a new office space, with options for desking to be close to windows with views of nature. This can help reduce inner tension, stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of inner harmony within workers, that will help them become more task focused. If you can't utilise natural light, we've also got some great options here.

5. Temperature

While an overly warm office can often make you feel tired, and your brain feel like it's turning to mush; research has shown it's much better to be too hot than too cold when it comes to temperature. Ideally, we would be able to have a stream of fresh air coming through windows rather than air conditioning that people associate with passing on illness and dry eyes, another option is always the humble fan. When planning a space, think about your options, and make it as flexible as you can.

6. Furniture Selection

Make it ergonomic, and book yourself a session with the team once it has been set up to learn how to use it, and have everything set up correctly for each individual. If you were wanting to create your best body ever at the gym, you would hire a personal trainer to show you exactly how to utilise the equipment for your body right? Well office furniture is exactly the same. It has variable adjustments that can boost your comfort, support, posture and productivity when used correctly! Other options you should consider are sit-to-stand desks that encourage movement and energy production, foot rockers, monitor arms to reduce neck and eye strain, and collaborative furniture so you can have a break.

If you want to know what other factors you should consider to boost productivity within your office, give us a call on (03) 9761 4555 or email as at and ask how we can help.

Have a great week!

The Balance Team


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