Celebrating Australia!

On the 26th January, 1788, Australia was officially founded by Captain Arthur Phillip, and his accompanying 11 British ships by way of Port Jackson, NSW. As legend goes, Australia was originally planned to become a penal colony; given its start with a small contingent of marines, officers, and 700 convicts to pave the way to a bright future. Its founder, Captain Phillip, was said to be a "tough but fair-minded leader", and wanted to create a society that would change history as he knew it - free from slavery and led with an egalitarian conscience.

30 years later on January 26th, 1818, Australia day became an official holiday celebrating its colonization, and is continually celebrated across the nation by reflecting on history, spending time with friends and family, and expressing the freedom that this beautiful country allows us.

Pretty neat huh?

In the scheme of things, Australia is seen as a young country compared to most of those in Europe; China and Japan, but as we grow, we have learned to support one another, create equal opportunities, and have one of the worlds LOWEST unemployment rates in a first world country sitting at just under 5% as of December 2018.

That's just a quick glimpse of how we all band together to build a great nation, but it wouldn't happen if we didn't all chip in and do our best to support local right?

At Balance Interiors, a huge part of our vision is to not just to be a wholly Australian owned family business, but to support other Australian owned businesses doing the same. We source local products with quality craftsmanship to provide our clients lasting goods, and will always be 100% Australian owned and operated to ensure that you get the service when, where and how you deserve.

While we agree some our range of ergonomically designed furniture might not be the cheapest on the market, we balance this by offering great quality and value for years to come. Inclusions for our customers such as extended warranties, fast installation, friendly follow ups, and quick quotes are just a few of the little ways we like to show our passion for the industry, and for you, our valued customers.

In the past year, we have updated our offering with a few new inclusions in the "workplace-wellness" space that come from overseas technological advancements however, that will enhance productivity in the office with our customers reaping the rewards. As a business with a conscience however, we vow to be 100% transparent in all that we offer our valued customers, and if you're not sure of what you're getting and where it's from, just ask!

If you are looking at recreating your office space this year, we promise that we will always offer you the best service available, fast installation and a great range of Australian made products. Why? Because we're proud to be Australian, and support local businesses that support local business.

Hope you all had a great long weekend, and are well and truly ready to jump into 2019!

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

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