Workplace Wellness – What it really means to be fit and healthy at work

According to a recent ABS study, it was found that 45% of Australians between the ages of 18 and 85 will at some stage in their life, undergo a mental health issue requiring absence from work. On top of that, one in five people will be effected in any one year, with AIHW estimating mental-health related service costs to be sitting around $8.5 billion per annum. Given that at the last census date (May 2016) over 10 million Australians listed themselves as employees, with 60.3% of those working full-time, there is a high chance that the rising problem of mental health disorders will influence your business performance in the near future.

If you’re a business owner, you can imagine not only how this effects staff morale, but also office productivity; including efficiency, energy, mental clarity, overall functioning and a decline in physical health and fitness. While there is not much you can do from an outsiders perspective to overcome the concerns your staff members are facing, there are pre-emptive steps you can take in order for these issues to remain aloof.

As a wellness-based business, we understand that stress and low mood account for 33% of lost productivity in the workplace, so we have invested in various ways to support our staff at Balance Interiors. We offer flexible working hours to suit varying lifestyles, filtered water, healthy snacks in the kitchen, natural lighting in the office, acoustic sound panelling cutting out unwanted sound, great ventilation through our open plan work-space, company outings based around mental and physical wellbeing, and have just installed one of our newest products, the energy pod, to help rejuvenate our staff for their day or week ahead.

The energy pod is the worlds FIRST chair designed for power naps in the workplace, and has proven to give employees greater alertness, improved mood, optimised creativity, and superior learning capability when used for brief durations during the day. Furthermore, when implemented on a regular basis, napping has been documented to significantly decrease levels of stress which can often lead to depression or anxiety effecting staff performance.

With full-time average hours on the rise in Australia, contemporary wellness initiatives are becoming the modern way to ensure your staff are performing at optimum levels, while feeling supported, appreciated and engaged, offering retention in their roles. And that’s not just hearsay, according to recent ABS reports, 91% of those surveyed feel “mentally healthy workplaces” are of utmost importance, yet only 52% of those report their own workplace to offer such an environment.

Instigating wellness programs are also statistically proven to help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviours, give them better sleep, more harmonious relationships, lessen stress, lower health risks that lead to chronic disease, and ultimately ensure your employees will require less time off, and become more productive and engaged within their roles.

While there are plenty of external companies now offering corporate wellness to raise morale, we’ve found that having our onsite energy pod is helping us achieve great results with staff reporting clearer minds, and a renewed sense of energy – especially around that 3pm slump! Perhaps due to its ergonomic design allowing staff to elevate their feet (increases blood circulation, reducing headaches and stiff joints), its privacy visor and safe storage offering seclusion, and its built in music player and guided relaxations blocking out external noises. These factors combined give our team the opportunity to relax and unwind for 15-20 minute increments, and come back to their tasks feeling refreshed and ready to get results.

If you’re interested in how our energy pod can work for your team, get in touch on (03) 9761 4555 or email us at and arrange a time to come in for your complimentary session to feel the results for yourself.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team


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