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You're sitting at your computer, it's the end of the day; your eyes are blurry, your mind muddled, and your back is stiff and sore from slumping forward to see your screen. Your energy? Fair to say it's as deflated as a bottle of Dom Perignon after the Melbourne Cup day.

Before jumping up to grab your next caffeine hit for the morning, consider the idea of updating your workspace. More simply, the level of your computer screen to align with correct posture, lessening back and eye strain leading to occupational overuse syndrome (OOS).

According to Ergonomics Now, a study completed in a Sydney call centre revealed that up to 70% of their staff suffered from OOS resulting in body aches and pains from incorrect seating arrangements. Just imagine if there were ergonomically correct tools in the corporate office space that could actually reverse pain, encourage good posture and promote more task focused energy?

Good news - there is, and we happen to be armed with a few...

Today's focus though, is our range of ergonomically correct monitor arms that will lift your screen or laptop to eye level reducing neck, eye and back strain all in one, while utilising as little desk space as possible.

According to Better Health Victoria, computer screens "should be eye level or just below", to reduce work related muscle and joint injuries, in addition to having an ergonomically designed chair that supports your spine's natural curve.

While it's not always easy to maintain correct posture as you hit the mid-afternoon slump (better jump in our energy pod!), having the correct tools can definitely boost your likelihood of achieving this while working in a sedentary position.

So, what can our monitor arms offer for your workplace?

· Solutions for PC users, monitors, iMacs and tablets

· Market leading options in comparison to others within their class

· Environmentally friendly options that utilise a unique internal gas strut

· One touch technology to angle screens in line with your eyes

· Varying selections for multiple-screen users

· Different weight options supporting loads up to 18kg

· Responsive technology to integrate seamlessly with your chosen computer

· Arms of differing lengths to bring your screen within your required distance

· Dual screen solutions where both arms will actually sit at the same height, maintaining horizontal alignment

· Quick release head design to easily change screens as needed

· Options for correcting posture for sitting, standing or workstation desks as required, with full customization to suit your needs

If the options seem overwhelming, then perhaps focus on the little things you can do around the office to give yourself a break from back and eye strain like taking a mini break to stretch, walking phone calls/meetings, frequent eye breaks from your computer screen to focus on something distant, regular eye examinations, a good light source, and lastly, avoiding long, uninterrupted periods of being task focused at your computer.

While all of the above mentioned take time and money, it’s important to decide when re-fitting your office which things are worth the investment – and which things aren’t.

Perhaps with Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to consider refitting your office with more ergonomically correct furniture to increase comfort, productivity, posture, energy and overall workplace wellness. Little things like this after all, are proven to make a BIG difference when employing and retaining happy, effective staff.

If there's any lingering questions you have, feel free to contact us on (03) 9761 4555 for a non-committal chat about our solutions.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

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