9 Tips For Making 2019 Your Most Productive Year Ever!

Shesh, can you believe it's already February? Classically, this is the time of the year where motivation begins to flail, and resolution's and goals are pushed aside because life in the fast line is back on, and you struggle to find time to reflect on what you really wanted to achieve.

Want to know how to get back on track? Take action, and get PRODUCTIVE.

If you want our input, it's not just about feeling inspired, but to actually create the most productive version of yourself to go ahead and achieve those goals. So this week, we've found the SEVEN TOP TIPS from around the world to help get your focus into a moving work of art.

1) Work Out

Weren't expecting that huh? Founder of Virgin, Richard Branson was recently quoted as to saying that his top tip for being more productive was to get up a sweat. He claimed that he gets twice as much done in a day by keeping fit! As a keen kite-surfer on his private island, he claims "It's great exercise, recreation, relaxation, and stress management". Being in nature has also been scientifically proven to clear your mind, and regular exercise has been linked to improve memory, logic, mental sharpness and mood; and also linked to higher salaries...

2) Gratitude

Forbes announced in a recent post, that while this is the time of year that your momentum starts to slow on creating change, one thing that can help keep you on track is GRATITUDE.

"Gratitude is a state of mind that arises when you affirm a good thing in your life that comes from outside yourself, or when you notice and relish little pleasures"."

One easy way to incorporate this into your daily routine is to think about 5 things you're grateful for while brushing your teeth, or perhaps share with your partner over breakfast before work. Never hurts to try something new....

3) Stop listening to the inner critic!

While everyone inevitably has that little voice in their head telling them they're not strong enough, smart enough or good enough; there are ways to overcome it. One prime example from meditation app Simple Habit ('taming your inner critic'), is to listen to what this voice is telling you e.g. "you're so stupid!" and actually challenge it by saying am I stupid though? Look for all the instance in your life that you've been smart, and don't let that voice tear you down.

4) Plan, plan, PLAN.

You've heard it before, but "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". You might have a big goal, and looming date in sight, but if you don't have actionable steps to get there, then it's going to remain another unfulfilled dream.

Get a diary, a wall planner, utilise Google Calendar, make an excel spreadsheet or even write down your weekly steps on a piece of paper - just get them out of your head, and put them in a place that you can review them every day to keep your mind on track for success.

5) Delegate

If you're not a baker, you're not going to be able to create the BEST birthday cake ever right? Well guess what, if you're not a graphic designer, IT specialist, accountant, sales person or coordinator, you're not going to be able to create the best BUSINESS ever either - It's certainly not how the Virgin Empire started! The best thing you can do to create success in business is to recognize your own limitations, and either delegate or outsource to someone that can bring their talent to help you achieve your goals. It will also help free up time so you can focus on your key strengths.

6) Do your most dreaded task first

'Be Uncomfortable' hosted by "The Mindset and Motivation Podcast" talks about how he gets up every morning, and the first thing he does come rain, hail or shine is jump into his outdoor, unheated pool for 3 minutes every day. He hates it, and has a 3 minute battle with his inner critic telling him to get out, that it's freezing, that he doesn't have to do it, and that its too damn hard - yet he stays. From that moment on, he knows he's tackled the HARDEST part of his day, and everything else from there will be a breeze. It pushes him out of his comfort zone (or in this case, a warm bed!), and he knows that whatever other tasks he has for the day won't even compare.

7) Get some sleep

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is a BIG believer in getting enough shut eye.

"I think better, I have more energy, my mood's better"

It's often something we hear, but don't adhere too as we get in the mindset of busyness and wanting to achieve a zillion things in one day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it helps us make better decisions, think more clearly, remember information and balance our mood leading to less irrational thinking, mood swings and moments of fury. Like when you're in Melbourne's morning traffic jams.

If you don't get enough zzz's at night, check out our super cool sleep pod as seen in Virgin Gyms, and ask about ownership or leasing options on (03) 9761 4555.

8) Switch off

Switching off from work is something a lot of people find hard to do, but YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki prioritizes it. She aims to get home in time for dinner with her kids, and doesn't allow phone usage between the hours of 69 - 9pm in order to "switch off" for the day.

Switching off electronics, social media, emails in the home helps you to find balance, and not feel like the world revolves around work and being task focused. It leaves you feeling clearer, unweighted, calmer and happier because you're surrounded by people you love, and activities you enjoy outside of the office.

9) Invest in the RIGHT work space

In a recent global study about what workers want by Steelcase, they found that while 77% of workers had their own assigned workstation, 87% of people spend two to four hours daily, working somewhere else! One of the main reasons was that they didn't have access to enough informal spaces, with 45% saying they wanted to have views of nature or greenery; while another top reason (37%) was that they wanted better ergonomics for their physical and emotional comfort.

If this is something that your workplace has considered changing, then we are 100% here to help make your office more inspiring, productive and exciting for your employees. While we don't showcase our entire range online, we can happily arrange a meeting at your workplace to listen to your qualms, and help you find the perfect pieces to lift your environment into a more productive space.

Hope this little article has given you uuber amounts of momentum back for the new year, and we look forward to seeing how your success unfolds.

Wishes in wellness,

The Balance Team

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