The exceptional design of the Haze offers a comfortable, individual or shared working space in the office based on varying configurations.


You can select from a range of configuration options to suit the specific working requirements for meetings, relaxation or waiting spaces or even hospitality. 

The enclosed structure of the Haze Booth is ideal for focused team work and private meetings.


  • Comfortable internal cushions

  • Lounges available in 1 seater, 2 seater and 2.5 seater

  • 4 Seater Booth; 2.5 seater lounges combined with a Silhouette table base and worktop

  • Add GPO to front panel of lounge

  • 150mm high foot

  • Mix and match from an extensive range of house fabric colours, or BYO fabric to match existing office décor

  • Manufactured in Australia

For technical specs and service on this product, please contact our team directly at sales@balancecommercial.com.au​ or phone us on (03) 9761 4555.