What is Balance Commercial all about?

We started out doing furniture repairs, namely task chairs, in the office environment as we saw a gap in the market. Over the years, opportunity arose to branch out further into office furniture supply, and we have since grown our range of ergonomically designed furniture locally and abroad. 

As a family owned company, we have recently increased our focus on bringing wellness to the workplace, constantly researching alternatives that offer features and benefits for clients that put their employees health, productivity and wellbeing first. 

What can you offer? 

Our base is ergonomic designed commercial furniture such as task chairs, workstations and sit-to-stand desks, but we also offer re-upholstery, joinery, lighting, green spaces, acoustics and custom-made furniture right up to whole commercial office fit-outs. You can also check out our quick video overview HERE or at the bottom of this page. 

What kind of customers can you serve? 

The majority of our clients are local government; corporate, education, healthcare, aged care and hospitality spaces to name a few. We also work with architects, designers and builders to ensure that the space our clients want will come together with perfection, no matter how big or small it is. 

Do you have a brochure of all the chairs, desks etc. that you offer? 

We have a brochure which you can peruse on the website, or download a copy for yourself that offers an insight into the types of furniture we offer. With such a large, fully customizable range, it's impossible to list it all!

The best way to view our range, is to book an appointment with our very capable sales team by phoning us on (03) 9761 4555 or emailing us at hello@balancecommercial.com.au 

Can you email me a catalogue with every item and price so that I can narrow down the designs we’re interested in and confirm quantities?

Because we have so many items, it's best to talk in person and offer you a post-catch-up quote so we can discuss fabrics, dimensions, custom ranges, and find out what you really want. In person, we can help you define what you're really looking for, and then offer something that suits your budget and lead time. 

How do I receive an indicative price quickly?

Our team works together to quote efficiently and effectively, meaning that we can give you an indicative price upon initial meeting. For most complex projects/product requirements, we will give you an answer within 1-2 working days to ensure we give you the most competitive pricing.

What are your standard lead times?

Generally 4-6 weeks, but have quick ship items as below.

What are your Quick Ship items?

We have a range of standard office furniture including task seating, desking/tables/workstations, the Upright Trainer, tambour units, mobile pedestals, and a variety of other products that can be turned around with a short lead time. Give us your problem; we will find a solution. 

What is the warranty period on your products?

Warranties vary depending on the product, but as a rule, most are 5-10 years. 

I have an office that needs fitting out. Can you provide a service to achieve the ideal layout?

We can offer a 3D rendering process for large jobs of course, but for most, we utilise our expert team members who will arrive at your space full of ideas, present options, take measurements and get back to you with a sketch and quote for your reference.  

I hear a lot about the benefits of sit-to-stand desks, can you elaborate?

We post a blog every Monday on a topic of interest around workplace wellness, products, services, and industry info. For our blog on sit-to-stand desks, click the link here


Do you support local manufacturing and keep jobs in Australia?

Yes, most of our suppliers are local and we intend to keep it that way to support the community. However, we also have the ability to purchase internationally. 

What is the process from initial enquiry?

After contacting us, we will arrange an onsite consultation, then provide you with a quote/revisions based on your needs and budget. Orders are then finalised, then the operations team will schedule a delivery time for installation. After we've set it up, the sales team will provide an aftercare service to ensure products are to spec, and installation is seamless.

what we do.